USA: California, LA

Phone: +1 (714) 781-4565
Hotel reservation: +1 (714) 956-Mickey

It's the place that defines classic family fun and adventure.
At Disneyland Park, your spirit will soar as you experience over 60 world famous attractions, show and parades in eight legendary lands.

Thrill to the heroics as you narrowly escape bad guys, beasts and rolling boulders in Indiana Jones Adventure.
It's yo-ho-ho and a bundle of fun as you cruise with the Pirates of Caribbean.

Hold on tight for harrowing, hairpin twist and turn through Space Mountain.
Fast forward into the interactive future of tomorrow land.
Pack in the laughs with everyone's favorite flying elephant.

Plunge five stories in a matter of seconds on Splash Mountain.
Come face to face with ghostly fun in Haunted Mansion.
And rocket through the universe with intergalactic action of Star Tours.
Discover the magic, fantasy and adventure of Disneyland Park.


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