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Iran: Iran Bastan Museum

Cast bowl, flat bottom, elongated convex shouldered body, straight rim

  Western Iran
14th century AD
Height: 15.1 cm (6.04 in)
Rim diameter: 21.6 cm (8.64 in)

Decoration: The inner bottom surface displays central circle filled with bold Y-shaped geometrical lines and surrounded with a row of fish and vegetal patterns. From the rim inward, decoration of the outer surface of the tray includes:
First row: Ramified vegetal patterns (vine scrolls and leaves). The main ramifications, separated by round six-petalled flowers, are alternating executed with aligned circles and jagged lines;
Second row: Arabic inscription in Thulth script is divided into 6 elliptical frames, themselves separated with circles alternating displaying floral patterns and Y-shaped geometrical lines. Inscription expresses good wishes for sovereign to whom the cup is dedicated. Following the inscription, within the last fame, the artist's name is given;
The lower area of the outer surface is divided into 24 vertical compartments. Every fourth compartment is decorated with undulating scrolls formed of lozenges and circles. Outer bottom is decorated with band of Arabesque patterns.

Patina: Wart-like green and reddish brown corrosion as well as glossy black stains. Part of the body is broken and missing. Broken edges are quiet sharp.



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