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Iran: Iran Bastan Museum

Hammered water-bowl, slightly convex  bottom, convex and inswept body, straight rim

13th century AD
Height: 11 cm (4.4 in)
Rim diameter: 20 cm (8 in)

Decoration: All the vessel's decoration appears on its outer surface and include:
First row: Horizontal band divided into opposed sectors alternating filled with three-twined braids and jagged undulating scrolls combined with small tendrils;
Second row: Paralleled jagged lines;
Third row: Band of broken geometrical lines;
Fourth row: Band of hatched triangles;
Fifth row: Inscription imitating Naskh script on fine comb-like background;
Sixth row: repetition of 4th row;
Seventh row: Three-twined braid.
-The decoration of the outer bottom surface includes:
First row: 12 interlocked circles alternating filled with human and animal figures. Human figures assume various poses, whereas animals are depicted alike. The artist has probably represented signs of Zodiac as current in his time.
Second row: Jagged undulating scroll combined with intertwined small tendrils. The entire background of this pattern is covered with fine comb-like patterns. Patterns are incised or carved.

Patina: Covering the entire surface of the object, it appears as glossy black patches at the rim, and as wart-like green and brown corrosion elsewhere. The bottom of the bowl is broken and missing. Broken edges are sharp.



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