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Iran: Iran Bastan Museum

Hammered tray, flat bottom, convex body, in-turned rim

13th century AD
Height: 3.8 cm (1.52 in)
Diameter: 33 cm (13.2 in)

Decoration: A row of jagged lines surround the rim; from the rim inward, ground patterns of the tray include:
First row: On background of vine scrolls and foliage, inscription in Thulth script contains words of good wish for the owner;
Second and third row: Geometrical patterns including vertical and horizontal parallel lines, combined with small pairs of half circles forming heart shapes in conjunction with the pairs below them;
Fourth row: Procession of animals (dog, rabbit, wolf and lion), some looking backward, is depicted on background of vine scrolls;
Fifth row: Inscription in Kufic script is repeated on back ground of vine scrolls;
Sixth row: Consisting of the circle amid the tray, this area is decorated with intertwined scrolls framing central chain pattern. Patterns are incised and engraved.

Patina: Wart-like brown and green corrosion and glossy black patches are visible on both sides. The tray is broken and has been mended with an extraneous metal part.



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