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Iran: Iran Bastan Museum

Hammered tray, flat bottom, convex wall, in-turned rim

13th century AD
Height: 3.8 cm (1.52 in)
Diameter: 41.4 cm (16.56 in)

Decoration: From the rim inward, ground patterns of the tray include:
First row: An inscription in Thulth script, which is repeated along the band, and letters have been added in places to balance the composition. Some letters have also been omitted, resulting in mutilated, hardly legible words. Background displays vine scrolls and foliage;
Second row: Three-twined braided band
Third row: Procession of animals on background of vine scrolls; alternately with every other three animals, circle frames a bird amid scroll patterns. Birds alternating look forward and backward;
Fourth row: Repetition of second row
Fifth row: Band of vertical vine scrolls and vertical bars (similar to a Kufic letter), interrupted in regular intervals by bird and scroll patterns;
Sixth row: Band of undulating vine scrolls;
Within the circle in the middle of the inner bottom surface, on background of vine scrolls, quadruped animal, stylized with geometrical lines (circles and ellipses) is depicted.
On the outer rim of the tray, band of undulating vine scrolls, interrupted in regular intervals by vertical bars, similar to Kufic letter, and circles bearing bird and scroll patterns are engraved.

Patina: Large areas of the tray are covered with glossy black patches and coalesced wart-like green, dark and light brown, as well as red corrosion. Object is broken and parts of it are missing. Broken edges are sharp.



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