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Iran: Iran Bastan Museum

Hammered plate, convex bottom, flat flaring rim

13th century AD
Height: 3.1 cm (1.24 in)
Diameter: 25.4 cm (10.16 in)

Decoration: Inside display a row of vegetal patterns and vertical lines similar to decorative Kufic script framed within cartouches, separated by 8 circular medallions. On the bottom surface, sun is depicted amid a row of irregular circles and a torsade of jagged lines. Four palm leaves, each with bird depicted in different pose as its tip, decorate the wall of the plate, alternately with 4 medallions. Large and small circles are incised in the intervals between these patterns.

Patina: The plate is more heavily corroded on the outside, appearing in glossy black patches and wart-like green corrosion.



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