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Iran: Iran Bastan Museum

Hammered bowl, flat bottom, convex body, with horizontal groove below rim

12th century AD
Height: 9.7 cm (3.88 in)
Rim diameter: 20.6 cm (8.24 in)

Decoration: Inner decoration includes intersecting and parallel half-circles and dotted circles. Inner bottom displays six-petalled flower, made up of dotted circles and geometric lines, entirely surrounded by a row of dotted circles.
Outside decoration, from rim to bottom includes:
First row: On background of scrolls and vine leaves, blessing inscription in Kufic script
Second row: A chain of interlocked circles, set on background of vine scrolls, frame the sign of Zodiac
Third row: Alternating inverted hatched triangles
On the outside, bottom of the bowl is decorated with intersecting circles and vine scrolls. Patterns are incised and carved.

Glossy black layer, more pronounced inside the bowl, covers its entire surface. Part of the bowl is broken and missing. Broken edges are sharp.



White Bronze

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