White Bronze

Decoration of White Bronze

The same decoration devices as those used on other metal artifacts have been applied to objects made of this alloy:

Molds used generally involve geometrical forms;

Using a hammer and various types of chisel to create different patterns on the surface of objects. To prevent them from being deformed or broken in the process, vessels are first filled with molten pitch mixed with plaster;

This method is similar to chiseling, but here the artisan uses his hammer and various chisels to take off some metal from the ground surface in order to create patterns;

In this method, unlike chiseling and engraving, where the desired patterns are concavely carved into the surface of the object, artisan uses punches to create convex volumes.

Archaeological evidence shows that this method was used predominantly in Islamic period (in previous periods, it was used in ornamenting other metals). White Bronze objects made in Islamic period are inlaid with silver. In this process, the desired pattern is first delineated in an uninterrupted or dotted line marked with a pointed chisel, then the background is lightly heated and silver wire applied following the lines of the pattern and beaten onto it.



White Bronze

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