100x70 cm (40x28 in)

40x70 cm (16x28 in)

40x70 cm (16x28 in)

40x70 cm (16x28 in)


Mohsen Ghiasi; Hossein Ghaempanah

Iranian Artist
Method of Work

For making Miniature and a Inlay work , first the special design should be stuck on 4mm- thick wood-board; then the design should be cut on wood-board by saw, so that every flower, branch and all other parts of the design could be separated from the background. Then background on the board should be installed in a frame, prepared in advance. Now the cut and separated pieces are used as a pattern . It means that the pattern should be fixed on the wood by nail or glue and then the wood is cut exactly as the pattern. Then the pattern, should be separated from the wood and the wood piece, which was cut exactly like the pattern, should be placed on its own place on the frame.

After pasting all parts of the design on the frame, background wood around the work should be removed and the design, which is embossed could be seen on the frame. So the design is about 3-4 mm above the background of the frame and the space around it is deep and empty.

Then the empty parts should be filled with black or any desired polyester paste. When the polyester paste is dried, work‘s surface should be polished and become ready for miniature painting. The miniature painting is used for drawing faces, shading the objects and creating relations among various parts. In particular, art of miniature is the spirit of inlay.

At the end of the work , the external surface of works should be covered with colorless and transparent polyester. The back of the works should also be covered with black polyester in order to make it resistant and strong against humidity and insects.

These kind of works are washable. Just the heat of more than 40 degrees centigrade and heavy strokes can cause damages to these works .

Industrial woods including tree wood of different kinds of nuts, jujube, the kind of fruit which resembles the mountain-ash, sour orange, orange, cherry, pear, locust, tree, mulberry, rush, spruce-fir, maple, box-wood the root of namdar-tree and forest wood, meddler, sour cherry, persimmon, ash-tree, betel-nut, olive, barberry, jasmine, ebony, cocoa, fig-trumpet chili, etc.
Sea shells, camel bone, inlay, resin, gal alit C.R
Metals including copper, brass, aluminum, silver and gold




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