Mohsen Ghiasi

Hossein Ghaempanah


Mohsen Ghiasi; Hossein Ghaempanah

Iranian Artist

Mohsen Ghiasi
Was born in Tehran, 1948 and took interest in painting. He experimentally acted without any Instructor or professor in fields , such as water color, oil painting and pastel , and during his education succeeded to receive some degrees too.

Since 1977, with encouragements of Professor Bijan Towzee, Mohsen Ghiasi learned basic principles of miniature from him , and tried to increase his abilities with studying and practicing the traces of famous professors in miniature art, like Mahmoud Farshchian. He Executed different traces inspired form famous Iranian Artist‘s relics in Inlay and Miniature.

Since 1993, with collaboration and intellectual sympathizing of Hossein Ghaempanah, who was his friend and partner, Ghiasi tried to execute different panting styles, specially European Classic themes and other subjects belonging by mixing Inlay and Miniature, a kind of work that was not popular between artists until that time and this evolutional motion was paid attention by art-lovers .

Hossein Ghaempanah
He was born in Tehran, 1958 and graduated from Tehran university , majoring in law and political sciences. He received training in the field of art of Inlay from Mohsen Ghiasi in 1994 .

1994: Paris Oriental Art Festival, France
1995: Iran Touring and Tourism Exhibition
1996: Iran Touring and Tourism Exhibition
1997: Munich inside house decoration Exhibition, Germany
1998: Riyadh  International Exhibition, Saudi Arabia
1999: Iran Touring and Tourism Exhibition
2001: Sad-abad Gallery, Tehran



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