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Ali Reza Yazdani

Iranian Artist

Born in 1962, Tehran ,Iran
BA in Design and Printing Textile, Art university
MA in Art Research, Faculty of Art and Architecture, Azad university
Teaching Serigraphy
Industrial Silk Screen Consultant
Design and produce of decorative and architectural glasses

Individual Exhibitions

1999, Haft-Samar Gallery, Tehran
2000, Haft-Samar Gallery, Tehran
2001, Jahan-nama Art Gallery, Tehran
2002, Haft-Samar Gallery, Tehran
2003, Haft-Samar Gallery, Tehran

Group Exhibitions

Contemporary Arts Museum, Second Biennale of Contemporary Iranian Sculptors 
, Saad-abad Gallery, Tehran
2001, Saad-abad Gallery, Tehran
2002, Golestan Gallery, Tehran
2002, Saad-abad Gallery, Tehran





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