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Village of Kovacica is today metropolis of the native painting. Paintings, painted guards and objects of art of Kovacica have traveled around the world. They were exhibited on all continents, in the most reputed galleries of the world.

In 2002, in order to mark 200th anniversary of the village (1802-2002), Babka Gallery plans to build "Ethno House-Museum" in Kovacica, as expression of gratitude to the previous generations (non-profit project), as well as "Center of Old Decorative Crafts" for the present-day generation of young and talented people (commercial project).

The Center is located near the park the town church in Kovacica, close to the main town square. It occupies cca 1400 Sq. m, with the building of some 600 Sq. m. The Center includes ethno-exhibiting open and indoor spaces, and commercial spaces as well.

The former has cca 250 Sq. m and is composed of ethno house, courtyard and traditional workshops. The latter includes a gallery, design center, apartments and other necessary spaces. Architectural concept is based upon traditional building manner of Kovacica region.

More info: (+381 11) 324 84 04
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