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Getting Around In Belgrade

You see him everywhere, he is the real Belgrade. He stays in the city even when the most president give up. During the time, when the people started living in the city, he stayed determined to protect all the characteristics that make Belgrade special. It is called "Cvrki".

Oranges, apples, pears, grapes, tangerines, bananas.. those are the words that make up the lyrics in a tune, which you can hear, if you take a walk through one of the markets in Belgrade, especially on Sunday morning. Try and taste everything; it is free, so you might not have to buy anything at the end.

New Year Fair
This is a fair in the real sense of the word: Heaps of kitsch, crowds of people and lots of fun. You will meet all sorts of characters: Good-hearted bores, petty scoundrels, good and even better salesmen, etc. It opens on December 14th and lasts till Dec. 30th.

Serbian Family Feast
The day that family celebrates with friends, in honor of the saint-protector of their home. The most celebrated saint and family feast in Belgrade is Saint Nicholas (Dec. 19). Priest comes to the host's house on the day or the family goes to church in order to sanctify the special feast cake. Feast wheat is served to guests at the door and later on everyone seated around the dinning table. The host is then supposed to break the cake into pieces. It signifies the start of the feast in good atmosphere and high spirit that usually last till late at night. The host does not invite people to this celebration in advance. All the friends of the family are welcome.




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