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Major Cities

Athens rank with Rome for its glorious past, yet few fall in love with modern city. Most visitors never see beyond the Nefos and high-rise apartment blocks, which were built hurriedly to house refugees who poured in from Asia Minor during 1922 population exchange with Turkey.
Athens is a curious blend of East and West, and first and third world; its raucous street vendors and colorful markets are reminiscent of Turkish Bazaars, while mansions hark back to city brief hey day as Paris of Mediterranean.

Peloponnese, Greece' Southern Peninsula, is reach in history and science diverse. Paked into its North-Eastern Corner are the ancient sites of Epidaurus, Corinth and Mycenae, all easily reached from Nafplio.

Cucladic Islands epitomize the postcard image of Greek islands:
Dazzling white buildings are offset by bright-blur Church Domes, while go beaches meet an aquamarine Sea. Some of the Cyclades, such as Mykonos, Santorini, Paros and Ios, have vigorously embraced tourism; and others such as Andros, Kea and Serifo are visited infrequently by foreigners.

One of the biggest Greece cities, built 28th centuries B.C.; there find many monuments, such as "Knossos Palace", which attracts tourists. 



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