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General Information (2000)

Greece lies at the Southern extremity of Balkan Peninsula, in South-Eastern Europe. Greece is surrounded by Albania, former Yugoslavia, Republic of Macedonia and Bulgaria from North, and Turkey From East, Mediterranean Sea from South and Balkan Sea from West.

Greece has mild wet winters and hot dry summers. Winter temperature is around zero and summer around 30 degree C.

Background Information
Full country name: Hellenic Republic
Area: 131,944 Sq. km
Population: 10.4 million
Capital city: Athens (Population 3.1 million)
People: 98% Greek, with minorities of Turk, Slavic-Macedonian and Albanian
Language: Demotic Greek
Religion: 97% Greek Orthodox
Government: Multiparty Democracy

Economic Profile
GDP: US$ 77 billion
World GDP ranking: 35th
GDP per head: US$ 7398
Inflation: 10.9%
Major Products & Industries: Tourism, shipping, food , tobacco, textiles, chemicals, metal products, mining and Petroleum

When To Go
Spring and Autumn are the best times to visit Greece. Winter is cool, but hotels and ... are cheaper.

Nationals of Australia, Canada, European countries, Israel, NZ and USA are allowed to stay in Greece for up to three months without visa. Others do require visa.

How to get there
The best way to enter Greece is airplane, because Greece has 16 international airports. Some travel Greece by bus and ship.

Getting Around
Olympic Airways operates between many cities and Islands at about three times the ferry fare. Bus is the most popular form of transportation, as train system is limited and confined to be mainland.

Outside cities: Airplane, train and bus
Inside cities: Bus, taxi and metro

Time Zone
GMT/UTC Plus three hours

Money and Costs
Currency: Drachma (Dr)
Relative costs:
Budget meal: US$ 4-8
Restaurant meal: US$ 10-20
Budget room: US$ 25-35 (double)
Mid-range hotel: US$ 50-80 (double)

All publications, radio and TV are in Greek.

Telephone, fax, mobile, post, email and internet

Weights and Measures
Metric system

220 V, 50 Hz

Business Hours
Government: 9-17
Shopping: 9-12:30 and 15-21
Weekend: Saturday and Sunday

Art and Culture
Art has been integral to Greek life since ancient times. Greek literature's ancient heritage spans poetry, drama, philosophical and historical treatises and travelogues. Western Civilization mania for logic and ideas could be traced directly back to the musings of ancient Greek philosophers, such as Socrates, Plato and Aristotle, and West's Science , Art and politic are also deeply indebted to Classical Greek.

All the embassies are placed in Athens.



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