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Greece, Athens
The holly rock of Athens: The citadel and the sanctuary of the city in antiquity; Theatre of Dionysos; Keramikos; Temple of Olympian Zeus; Ancient Agora and Roman Agora.

Ancient Agora
An interesting archeological site in the north of Acropolis: The political, financial and religious center of ancient Athens.

Dionysos Theatre
The where Saint Paul addressed the Athenian.

Hadrian's Arch
On the Corner of Amalias & Vass. Olgas St. This was once the outer limits of the ancient city.

Kalimarmaron Stadium
Built of stone in 330 BC and hosted the original Olympic games.

Keramikos Cemetery
It was the cemetery of ancient Athens, and it is an open air gallery today.

Mars Hill
The oldest court of the ancient Athens: The place where the gospel was first preached in Athens by the Apostle of the Nations.

Olympian Zeus Temple
This id the biggest and grandest of the ancient Greek temples.

The Largest structure in Acropolis.

A beautiful hill opposite the Acropolis, with a nice view: The grave monument of Philopappos decorates the top of the hill.

Roman Forum
Dating to the 2nd century BC

Grand Temple of Poseidon, Attica

Southern Side of the Acropolis
Sanctuary of Dionysos, where one can see the most ancient theatre of Greece.

Temple of Olympian Zeus
An impressive temple dedicated to the father of the Gods, Zeus: The biggest temple of antiquity.

Theatre of Herod Atticus (Odeion of Herodes Atticus, Herodeion)
The Odeion (music hall) was built in 2nd century AD, by Herodes Atticus, after whom it has been named. It is a typical Roman theatre with 5000 to 6000 sitting capacity. Athens Festival is held here during summer months.

Tower of Winds Roman Agora
An 8-sided tower, each side representing each of the eight direction, from which blows; also a sundial, water clock & weather vane;

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