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Major Cities

One of the most ancient cities in Germany have looked important happenings from 13th century. You could see there many government building, museums, galleries, old and new Theatres. Berlin wall ( border plot between west and east Germany) and Broadcast Building are important places in Berlin.

Frankfurt (on Main)
Frankfurt old, west city at rain river. Most important world banks are active in Frankfurt (more than 400). Music has a special place in this city. A big number of museum and galleries are found in Frankfurt and 10% of the total tax is costs fort art and culture activities.
1- Liebieghaus-Sculpture Museum
2- Goethehaus and Goethe-Museum
3-Art Gallery Museumsafer 63.

Exhilaratingly different from any other German city Hamburg has always been a city state. free to trade as it pleased, unencumbered by aristocratic rules. Even today it officially bears the little of Freie and Hansestadt, and is consistent land of the Federal Republic. Although it's notorious red-light area, that is only a small part of what the city is about. It's a stylish media center, a huge modern port, a sense of radical protest, and home of the latest generation of along.
Museums IN Hamburg:
1- Hamburg Kunstalle
2- Museum fur Kunst and Gewerbe Hamburg
3- Museum fur Hamburgische Geschichte.
4- Altonaer Museum
5- Museum fur V...lkerkunde.
6- Museum der Arbeit
7- Helins-Museum.
8- Kz-Ledenkste Neuengamme.
9- Der Museums Dienst Hamburg.

300 hotels, most near railway station, have good services for tourists that come Munich, because of good weather, historical and natural museums. Munich is situated near the border region of French.



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