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General Information (2000)

Germany is surrounded by Netherlands, Belgium and France from west , Switzerland and Austria from south, Hungary and Slovenia from east and Denmark, North sea and Baltic sea from north.
Germany has cold and humid weather in winter and not too hot and mild weather in summer; and situated in 6-15 degree geographic length and 48-54 degree geographic width.
Back ground information
Full country name: Federal Republic of Germany.
Area: 357,000 sq/km
Population: 81 million.
Capital city: Berlin (pop: 3.5 million)
People: Predominantly with European, with Significant Turkish minority. Germany has absorbed the majority of refugees from the former Yugoslavia.
Language: German.
Religion: 90% Christian. There are a couple of million Muslims and about 30,000 Jews.
G.D.P: US $ 1.903 billion
GDP Per head: US $ 22,561
Annual growth: 2.8%
Inflation: 3.4%
Major industries: Motor vehicles/ Engineering/ Chemicals.
Government: Federal Republic.
Entry formalities
European citizens can enter on an official identity card. Americans, Australians, Canadians, New Zealanders, and Japanese just need a valid passport (no visa). Citizens of another countries need visa.
How to get there
The main arrival / departure points for flights in Germany are Frankfurt, Munich and Berlin. If you are already in Europe, it is generally cheaper to get to and from Germany by bus or train. Train travel is more Expensive, more comfortable, but less flexible than catching a bus.
Between cities: Bus, Train, Airplane.
In cities: Bus, Taxi, Metro.
Money and costs
Currency: Deutch Mark (D M)
Relative costs:
Budget: US$ 5-10
Restaurant meal: US ý$ 15-20
Budget bed: US$ 20-30
Mid-range hotel: US $50-80 (double)
220 V, 50 HZ
Publications, radio and TV are in Deutsch; only a little of magazines and Newspapers are in other languages.
Telephone, Telegraph, Post, Telex, Fax, Mobile, Email, Internet.
Weights & measures
Metric system.
Business hours
Government: 9-17.
Shopping: 9-13 / 15-19 .
weekend: Saturday and Sunday.
Art & Culture
Germany has a very old culture. Germans Culture have come from ancient Arians. German artists are famous in poem, theater and cinema. Weaving is one of women's amusement. People are interested in modern human technology. There, you can see numerous exhibitions that introduce other countries industry to Germany.
All the countries embassy are in Berlin, Frankfurt and Munich.



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