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Andre Citroen Park
1992, 14 hectares

Army Museum
A magnificent collection of military weapons and protection gears, uniforms and historical souvenirs

Arts et Metiers
This museum was established in 1794. It is located in the Abbaye de Sainte-Martin-des Champs. It has been renovated in 2000.

Bagatelle Park
It is thanks to J.C.N. Forestier that the redevelopment of Bagatelle, the Rosaraie and the Iris Garden took place.

Congress Palace of Paris
The Palais des Congres welcomes national and international theme oriented events; it can accodomate from 10 to 7000 persons. The exhibitions can cover as much as 19,000 Sq. m. There are 2000 hotel rooms and the possible catering for 4000 persons on the site.

Eiffel Tower
Realized foe the 1889 Universal Exhibition, it represents the symbol of Paris throughout the world. From the third floor, one can enjoy the view of Paris and the "Ile de France" in a radius of 70 km.

Floral Park
All across its theme oriented gardens and its pavilion and patios, the Floral Park offers to its visitors a superb collection of plants, over 100,000 on 3 hectares.

George Pompidou Center
The Centre National d'Art et de Culture at George Pompidou center harbors the Modern Art Museum. Today, it owns over 1500 works, a library, organizes exhibitions, concerts and presents movie cycles. It was renovated in 2000.

Hotel de Ville
Headquarters of Paris' municipality, it is built at the same place as the former city hall that was burned in 1871.

The Invalids represent one of the most prestigious Historical complex of Paris. It harbors the Army Museum, as well as the Scale Model Museum. The Domed Church is an architectural masterpiece that was built by Jules Hardouin-Mansart. The Dome harbors the Tomb of Napoleon the First.

Le Plaine - Stade de France
It is considered as the stadium of the 3rd millennium. Its technology, its aesthetic and functional design will fascinate more than one: aesthetic as well as those that have interest in architecture.

Montparnasse Tower
It has a panoramic view from 56th and 59th floor, which has a terrace. (209 m height)

Music City
The "Cite de la Musique" is a place, where you will find information and documentation, enjoy concerts, a place where one can discover France's heritage and where one will find many pedagogical activities.

National Library of France
The Library has 1600 reading desks that are distributed into 5 theme-oriented departments, covering all the fields of knowledge. It harbors some 180,000 volumes.  Architect: Dominique Perrault, 1996

Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedral
Gothic Architectural masterpiece, Notre-Dame was conceived by Maurice de Sully. It was constructed between 12th and 14th century (1163-1345). The French road network distances are calculated from the Cathedral's square, considered as "km 0".

Louvre Museum
The museum is divided into 7 theme oriented departments; one can find works from antiquity to the first half of the 19th century. The Pyramid was realized by Leoh Ming Pei in 1989.

Orsay Museum
It stores collection of artistic paintings, sculptures and objects, dating from 1848 to 1914. Architect: Gae Aulenti

Paris National Opera (Bastille)
It is the work of Carlos Ott.

Paris National Opera (Garnier)
It is the work of Charles Garnier (1875). The "Opera de Paris" is a prodigious success of the Second Empire.

Pere-Lachaise Cemetery
Rests among others Heloise and Abelard, La Fontaine, Chopin, Musset, Proust, Jim Morrison and Oscar Wilde. The last defenders of the Commune were executed against the cemetery's surrounding wall that has been named the Mur des Federes.

Sacre-Coeur de Montmartre, Basilique
The Basilica was built after the defeat of the 1870 Franco-Prussian war; its construction was a national choice. There is a magnificent panoramic view of Paris.

Science & Industry City
Some 30,000 Sq. m of interactive exhibitions with organized activities for children and adults to discover the scientific advances of the 21st century. The Geode is a movie theatre equipped with a hemispheric giant screen 1000 Sq. m.

Triumph Arc
It is the work of Chalgrin (1806-1836). It is located on Paris' most beautiful linear perspective halfway between "Tuileries Garden" and Defense Arch".
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