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General Information (2000)

France is the largest country in Europe after Russia and the Ukraine, and is surrounded by:
1- English Channel from North-west,
2- Atlantic Ocean from West,
3- Spain and Mediterranean Sea from South,
4- Italy and Switzerland from East.

France has a predominantly temperate climate, with mild winters, except in mountain areas and the north-east. The Atlantic has a profound impact on the north-west, where the weather is characterized by high humidity, often violent westerly winds and lots of rain. The temperature in summer not to go upper than 15 degrees and in winter not go downer than –20 degrees.

Background Information (2000)
Full country name: French Republic
Area: 551,000 sq. km
Population: 57.7 million
Capital city: Paris (pop. 13 million)
People: 92% French, 3% north African, 2% German, 1% Breton, 2% other nationality
Language: French ( also Flemish, Alsatian, Breton, Basque and Corsican)
Religion: 90% Roman Catholic, 2%Muslim, 1% Protestant, 1% Jewish, 6% other
Government: Republic
GDP: US $ 1147 billion
World GDP ranking: 4th
GDP per head: US $ 19,774
Annual growth: 2.1 %
Inflation: 1.8%
Major industries: Oil refining, steel, cement, aluminum, agricultural products and food stuffs, luxury goods and chemicals.

Entry Formalities
Visas: Nationals of Europe, USA, Canada, New Zealand and Israel do not require visas to visit France as tourists for up to three months. Except for people from a handful of other European countries, everyone else must have a visa. Tourist visas cannot be extended except in emergencies.

How to get there
Easiest and best way to enter France is air lines. Air France, French national air line, has many flights every day to transport passenger to or from France, so do other airlines. Europeans could get there by bus or train, cheaper.

Getting Around
Airplane and train are easiest for getting around but expensive; most of people use car or bus.

Between cities: Airplane, bus and train;
In cities: Metro, bus and taxi.

Money and Costs (2000)
Currency: Franc
Relative costs:
Cheap meal: US $ 5-10
Restaurant meal: US $ 15-25
Cheap rooms: US $ 15-20
Hotel room: US $ 25-30

220V, 50Hz.

All publications, radio and TV are in French.

Telephone, Telegraph, Post, Telex, Fax, Mobile, E-mail, Internet.

Weights and Measures
Metric system

Business Hours
Government: 9- 17
Shopping: 9-13 and 16-22
Weekend: Saturday and Sunday.

Art and Culture
The concept of culture is of signal important for the French convinced of an enduring cultural superiority. France has bestowed magnificent examples of artistic expression in all fields, not to mention some of the ugliest wallpaper and the worst pop music in the world. The most important Artistes of France are: Gallic, Jean-Baptist, Victor Hugo and George sand. France has an ancient history, which had basically changes in middle ages (768-814) and is  mother of modern revolutions and Art.

All countries have an Embassy in Paris (Capital of France).




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