France : Major Cities

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A business, cultural, artistic and tourism city in France, the Capital. Art centers, shopping centers, monuments and museum and interesting modern places such as Eiffel tower attracts many tourists every year.
MUSEUMS: Paris museums are divided in to art, history and general parts:
1- ART: Centre Georges Pompidou, Gustave Moreau Museum, Le Louvre
2- History: Musee National de Legion Honneur.
3- other sites: Museum of Music, Paris Museum Pass, Paris Museum.
ART GALLERIES: A.H Fine Art, Galerie Corianne, Galerie Michelle Bullet.
BUILDINGS AND MONUMENTS: Eiffel Tower, La Defense, Historical Paris Bridges and Fountains.

A historical and cinema city which was well known from 17th century. In addition, monuments and museums, also attracts tourists every year.
Museum and Gallery: Biennales de Lyon, Musee des Arts Decoratifs de Lyon, Musee des Tissus.

Second French city with one million population attracts tourists only because of monuments and museums. Galerie du Pharsus is the most important museum in Marseile.

Nantes is generally a safe city. Down Town area is compact therefore many business, commercial and tourist centers are with in walking distance of each other. This city have many parks, and some theater house and  museums, such as:   Art Museums, Jules Vernes Museum, Les Musees a Nantes.





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