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General Information (2000)

Austria is extended 560 Km from east to west, 280-Km north to south, and is surrounded by Germany,  Czech Republic, Slovenia, Hungary, Slovenia, Italy and Switzerland in Europe.

In Austria, the temperature of air, in summer is about 19 degrees C, and in winter is between one To four degrees in Centigrade. Austria had cold winters and mild summers.

Background Information
Full country name:
  Republic of Austria
Area: 83,850, Km2
Population: 7.9 millions
Capital City: Vienna (pop: 1.5 millions)
People: 98% Germanic origin, 2% Slovene and Croat and 1% Turkish.
Language: 97% German, Plus some Turkish, Slovene and Croat.
Religion: 88% Roman Catholic, 6% Protestant,…
Government: Federal Republic

Economic Profile
GDP: US $ 175 billion
World GDP Ranking: 22 nd
GDP,per head: US $ 22,100
Annual growth: 2.5%
Inflation: 2.1%
Major Industries:
Machinery, Textiles, Iron and Steel and Timber

Travel Information
Summer Sightseeing and winter sport make Austria a year– round destination. The summer high Season is in July and August, when crowds will be bigger and prices higher. Winter sports are in full swing form mid – December to late march with the high season over Christmas, New Year and February.
European, American, Canadian, Australian and New Zealand Citizens do not require Visas for stays of up to three months. Nationals of African and Asian Countries generally require Visa, also valid for up to three months.

How to get there
Vienna is Austria main air transport hub. Austria has excellent rail Connections to all major European destinations. Buses are generally slower, cheaper and less comfortable than trains. Getting to Austria by road is simple, and there are fast, well – maintained to all surrounding countries.

Time Zone: GMT/UTC plus one hour.

Transportation: Airplane, Train, bus for outside of cities transportation and Metro, bus and Taxi for City transportation, easily find.

Money & Costs
Currency: Austrian Schilling
Relative Costs
Budget meal: US $ 6-10
Restaurant meal: US $ 10-20
Budget room: US $ 15-30
Mid – range hotel: US $ 60 + (double)

Media: Magazines, radio and TV are in Deutsche. Some limited Turkish and Croatian magazine also found.

Communication: Telephone, Telex, Fax, Post, E-mail, mobile, … .

Weights and Measures: Metric System

Language: 97% German, Plus some Turkish, Slovene and Croat.

Electricity: 220 V, 50 Hz

Business hours
Government: 8-16
Shopping: 9-13 & 15-20

Weekend: Saturday and Sunday

Art and Culture
Austria is one of most important Art centers in Europe, specially music. Austria has been familiared with music during 18 th Century. Musicians are in classic and pop bands. There are also wellknown galleries, that show Painting masterpieces.

Embassies: All countries have embassy in Vienna.




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