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Vienna, known as Wien, is one of the most magnificent Europe's Cities. Dotted with Castles, galleries and museums. This City has an immense Cultural history. Vienna is among Europe’s safest cities, however Visitors should be aware of petty crime in crowded tourist areas and on public transportation. Attacks by extremist groups have incased in frequency with the influx of foreign workers and refugees; travelers are not generally targeted.
galleries: Vienna Art Syndicate – offers Virtual Gallery, and Exhibition and events Listing.
Buildings and Monuments: Schuenbrunn Castle, Schuenbrunn Palace
Museums, Exhibits: Generally Foundation, Peter Beard, Stress and Density, Freud Museum of Vienna
Hotels: Hotel online Vienna, City Club Hotel, City Hotel


Salzburg is divided by the River Salzach into the links Salzachufer, on the Western Side of the River and the Rechtes Salzachufer on the East. The biggest concentration of historic Sights is on the left bank in the old town (Altstadt), where a tightly Woven net of the medieval Hohen Salzburg Castle.
Museum and Exhibits: Silent Night Museum Salzburg
Hotels: Air port Hotel Salzburg, Hotel Alpina, Hotel Gasthof Moosleitner, Hotel Rigle

A small old City that can pass through it during some hours. Some Art museums are in this City for famous Painters.
Museums and Exhibits: Tyrolean Regional Heritage Museum and the Hofkirche.
Hotels: Access travel, Net Hotels Innsbruck, Hotel Central, Hotel Euroupa Tyrol.





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