Uzbekistan: Major Cities

Asia (2000)

Uzbek capital, the fourth largest city in the former USSR, is central Asia's club hub and has better international flight connections than any other city in region. Tashkent have many monuments, museums, galleries, It has a very old Bazaar. Museum of Fine Arts has a fine collection of the art of pre Russian Turkistan, Including. The Zoroastrian artifacts, 1000 year old Buddhist Statues and Sogdian Murals. Museum of Applied Arts, Opened in 1937 and designed in traditional Tashkent style. There are other museums devoted to history, antiquities, literature, geology and railways.

No name is as evocative of the romance of the Silk Road as Samarkand. For most people it's as mythical as Atlantis or remote and legendary as Timbuktoo. The reality, as usual, is harsher, but not by much. The sublime larger than life monuments of Timur, the Technicolor bazaar and the city's Long, rich history work a special kind of magic, though outside the historical core is a sprawling soviet style city with few redeeming features. The most important monuments in Samarkand are Shahi-Zinda, Bibi Khanym mosque and Babel Tower.

A historical city, with ancient monuments such as, Bazaar, Kalan Building, Ismail Samani mosque and old downtown, was one of the famous Old Iranian cities.

Khiva is an ancient city, with beautiful landscapes. Important monuments of khiva are: Juma Mosque, Tosh Khovli Palace and Islam Huja Medressa.





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