Asia: Thailand

Grand Palace

Phra Maha Monthian


This consisted of three main buildings:

Audience Hall of Amarin Winitchai, where ceremonies of the Court usually take place, in front of throne, surmounted by its canopy of nine tiers of white cloth and backed by boat-shaped altar, fronting the door, leading in to inner chambers;

Paisal Taksin Hall, where coronation of monarch takes place, with its coronation chair and octagonal seat, where the monarch receives the people's invitation to rule; and in the center, between seats and altar, containing the symbolized figure of Siam, by the name of "Phra Syam Thewarthirat" or shortly "Phra Syam", traditionally invoked for the good weal of the state.

Descending from here, we come to the antechamber to Chakrapat Phiman building, which was the residence of Kings Rama I, II and III. It has subsequently become customary for the sovereign to pass at least one night there, after the coronation to signify his taking up official residence.
On either side of the door, into residence chamber of Chakrapat Phimon, are depicted seals of state Lion of the Minister of Interior, Elephantine Lion of Minister of Defense, Deity of Crystal Lotus of Minister of Foreign Affairs etc.
Entering the living apartments of Chakrapat Phiman, by mounting a series of steps, we come to hall, at the left of which on East side is royal bedchamber. On the West of the hall is reception chamber, where are now kept the regalia and other paraphernalia of kingship.




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