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Chapel Royal ground is enclosed by galleries, the murals of which depict the story of "Ramakien" of the first reign version.

If we start at the East gate, we come to the initial stages of the war waged by Rama of Ayutthaya to rescue his wife, who had been abducted by Thotsakan (Ravana), King of Longks.

Here are depicted episodes of the building the causeway from the mainland, of the campaign of Maiyarab the Magician, who took the sleeping Rama away to the never world, the campaigns of Kumpakan and Indrajit, the brother and son respectively of Thotsakan and other campaigns waged by Thotsakan himself, his other relatives and allies.

The battle, in which Thotsakan loses his life, is to be found just beyond the gate leading into Royal Palace.




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