Countries: Asia

Japan: Major Cities

Japan: Major Cities

Tokyo, a business city with huge population, is capital of Japan with numerous restaurants, museums and galleries. There, could be seen yet many old wooden houses between moderns.
Some Art Galleries:
1.Chiyoharu Gallery
2.Hara Shobo
3.Yoseido Gallery
Some Museums:
1.Ancient Mediterranean Museum
2.Bank of Japan Currency Museum
3.Hakone Open- Air Museum
4.National Science Museum
5.Tobacco and Salt Museum
Building and monuments:
1.Tokyo meltdown: Architecture Review
2.Tokyo's Coolest
1.Hotel Guide Tokyo
2.Tobu Hotels

The capital of Japan for more than one thousand years; Kyoto is endowed with an almost overwhelming legacy of Buddhish temples, Majestic Palaces and Gardens of every size and description; not to mention some of the country's most important works of art, it's richest culture and it is most refined cuisine.
1.Costum Museum
2.Kyoto National Museum
3.National Museum of Modern Art
1.Ark Hotel Kyoto
2.Hotel Alpha Kyoto
3.Kyoto Tokyo Hotel
4.Rhino Hotel

Okinawa is one of the most important industrial cities, with numerous hotels, museums, galleries and attractive recreative centers.




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