Asia: Iran, Yazd Province

Yazd Province

South Province of Iran

Zoroastrian's Region

Yazd is famous as the city of "BAD-GIR", and is the center of the most unique earthen architectural monuments in the world. 

It's old urban fabric has different quarters, each is the center of providing daily requirements of people shopping on foot.

In every quarter there were baths, water cisterns, small Bazaar, workshop, Tekyeh and mosque, and streams (to access underground water shaft), which some are still in service.

From the viewpoint of ethnology, quarters have special identity related to people's living. They have huge social connection.

General Info Abarkouh Mehriz Yazd
Towns Town Amir Chakhmaq
Bad-gir Historical Sites Historical Sites Bondar-abad Khanqah
Bazaar Unique Cedar Historical Sites: Herat Mosque of Fahraj
Caravanserais Historical Sites: Mar.. Mosque of Kharanoq
Caves Ardakan Meibod Mosque of Yazd
Craft Geography Town Dolat-abad Garden
Culture Historical Buildings Historical Sites Fire Temple
Deserts Zoroastrian Husseinieh
Geography Laris' Mansion
History: Ashkriz Taft Mulla Ismail Mosque
To Timurid era Town Town Rasoulian House
Timurid era Historical Sites Historical Sites Museums
Safavid era
Constitution Bafq Zarch Pictures
Luminaries Town Town Amir Chakhmaq
Mosques Historical Centers Bondar-abad Khanqah
Museums Dolat-abad Garden
Reservoirs Bahabad h Fahraj Mosque
Sabaats Town Kharanoq Mosque
Art & Architecture Laris' Mansion
Watermills Mulla Ismail Mosque

Yazd City





Shopping Center

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