Asia: Iran, Yazd Province


Zarch City

The city of Zarch

Zarch is a small city lying northwest of Yazd, whose construction, in the popular belief, is associated with Iranian mythology. But some history books such as ‘Yazd’s Modern History, have ascribed the construction of the city to Amir Mobarezeddin, a regional feudal lord of 13th century.

Yet, the city is not bereft of historical sites and the following will delight all visitors in search of historical grandeur and beauty:

Khajeh Khezrabad Mausoleum
Elah-abad Sepulcher
Zarch Historical Castle
Amir Mosque in Sar deh
Zarch Watermill
Elah-abad Water Cellarage
Ab Shir Cellarage in Sar Cheshmeh




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