Congregational Mosque of Yazd

Asia: Iran, Yazd Province

Husseinieh (A kind of mosque)

Yazd City

Hosseiniehs are among the salient urban and architectural features of Yazd and its surrounding townships, and bear cultural, social, political and historical significance. Hosseinieh is a walled compound, square or rectangular, which is usually built in the center of each neighborhood and has platforms at the ground level and booths at the upper levels.

Hosseiniehs are religious places dedicated to the memory of the martyrdom of the Third Holy Shiite Imam, Imam Hossein. In Muharram and Safar mourning months, men usually occupy the platforms, while women sit in the booths on the upper level.

In the middle of most hosseiniehs, there are small towers, in the shape of an eight-sided prism, called ‘Kalak’. As tall as an ordinary human being, Kalaks were used in the past (when there was no electricity) like a big lamp to light up the place during mourning vigils.

During the other months of the years, Hosseiniehs are multi-purpose urban open spaces utilized by the residents in each neighborhood.



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