Asia: Iran, Yazd Province

Dolatabad Garden

Yazd City

This garden is one of the famous Iranian gardens and was built during the time of Mohammad Taqi Khan, who ruled Yazd in Zand era.

 The structural design of this garden, which used to be the seat of Khan (the provincial government), had been based on the movement of the rivulets throughout the garden.

Dolatabad Garden Complex includes Southern Frontispiece Building, Vestibule Building and Aeration Tower (Bad-Gir), Summer Building or Harem, Behesht Ain Building, Mirror Hall Building, Tehrani Building, Main Frontispiece Building and a double-spanned water cistern. 

It was built in about 1780 A.D. (Zand era) , and belonged to "Mohammad Taghi Khan Yazdi".

Most of its ruins, such as Vestibule Building and Bad-Gir, are restorated.

Dolatabad Garden has already been irrigated by an underground water shaft, by the same name. Pathway of running water forms garden's design. 

The most interesting parts of Complex are Vestibule Building and Bad-Gir, in which Fresh air and incoming wind merge. It has 33 meters high.  Dolatabad's Bad-Gir is an engineering masterpiece, which shows the genius and ability of the architects of Yazd.




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