Asia: Iran, Yazd Province

Grand Congregational Mosque of Yazd

Yazd City

The mosque is indeed an outstanding architectural pattern of Iranian grand mosques. Its high entrance, double-shelled and very proportionate dome, the allocation of various spaces,… reflect the Iranian artists’ talent, artistic acumen and skills.

Its main structure, parts of which have remained, belonged to 12th century A.D., however the present structure dates back to "Al Mozaffar" period, in 14th century A.D.

The main parts of mosque are:

1- Main frontispiece (Eastern entrance)
2- Arched Threshold
3- East Prayer Hall
4- West Prayer Hall
5- Courtyard
7- Dome
8- Western Warm-House
9- New Jama'at Khaneh (Eastern)
10- streams
11- Colonnade
12- Terrace
13-Superb Door
14- New Library of the late Vaziri, which is a precious collection of books and manuscript works.

One of the two minarets of Main frontispiece has two independent pathways, so that two persons passing through them in opposite direction cannot see each other.

Under the main portico, there are 110 variants of the sacred names of God in "Mason's Kufic Script".

Various tessellated and painted tile works, Thulth and Kufic inscriptions, tessellated plaster stalactites, masons' script, various arches and vaults in this mosque are of high significance.




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