Asia: Iran, Yazd Province

Congregational Mosque of Fahraj

Yazd City

Congregational Mosque of Fahraj The mosque, located 30 km East of Yazd, in the village of Fahraj, is revered as one of the most ancient mosques in Iran, which has remained intact since it was built in the early years of Islam. 

It many characteristics of pre-historic architecture. It is a transitional historical building, which is very important in the history of Architecture.

This grand mosque is made of sun-dried tiles (mud bricks, consists of thick pillars and barrel vaults) and has very thick columns. The roof is covered with a traditional Iranian vault called “beez”. Mosque’s minarets, made of clay tiles, have been built later. 

This mosque, which may be compared with the Tarikhlaneh Mosque of Damghan historically and architecturally, is indeed, because of its originality, one of the rare heritages of Iranian culture that has been preserved for fourteen centuries.




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