Asia: Iran, Yazd Province

Bondarabad Khaneqah

Yazd City

Numerous Khanaqahs (gathering places for Dervishes) are scattered across Yazd province. Bondarabad Khanaqah located in Rostaq’s Sultan Bandarabad Complex and Bida Khavid Khanaqah in the small Bida Khavid village (near Taft) are two examples of Iranian Khanaqahs

In 13th to 15th century A.D., several mystics of Yazd villages attracted many disciples. 

Among those villages were "Marvast',"Bidakhavid", "Nasrabad", "Bondarabad" and "Navshan". These places were turned into mausoleums after the death of their chiefs. 

Including mosque and bath, these houses were convenient places for incomers.

"Taqieddin Dada Mohammad "(Death: 1321 AD), who was from Isfahan and disciple of "Sheikh Mohammad Andadian", adopted mysticism as his way of life. He was summoned to Yazd by "Shabeddin Masoud" (a judge) and became a resident of the quarter of "Sarab-No".

After dying, he was buried in "Bondarbad Khaneqah", but the judge ordered his corpse exhumed and reburied in "Sarab-No".




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