Asia: Iran, Yazd Province

Historical Sites

Taft City

SarDeh Water Cellarage
Borasseh Water Cellarage
Safi Qoli Beik’s Tombstone
Shah vali Hosseinieh
Khansh Beigom’s Gravestone
Shah Khalil’s Khanaqah (a gathering place for dervishes)
Shah Vali Mosque (built by King Tahmasb of Safavid Dynasty in 15th century)
Qiasabad Hoseinieh
Garmsir Neighborhood’s Mosque
Garmsir Castle
Shah Yahya Mosque
Touran Posht Mosque
Bidakhavid Mosque
Sheikh Ali Baliman’s Mosque
Said Gol Sorkh’s Shrine in Touran Posht
Pir Morad Shrine
40 Daughters Shrine
Sheikh Jonaid’s Shrine
Touran Posht Tomb
Shavaz Castle
Islamieh Mosque




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