Asia: Iran, Yazd Province


Taft City

Taft Township, spreading on an area of 7000 sq. km, is located 18 km southwest of Yazd on Yazd-Shiraz Road.

The city’s proximity to Mount Shirkouh (4075m) has given it a mild and pleasant weather, which has endowed the township with many beautiful and temperate resorts and rural areas.

Township has 2 main districts: Nir and Markazi, and the nine rural districts of Shirkouh, Islamieh, Ali-abad, Nasr-abad, Poshtkouh (Zardain), Banadkouh, Dehshir, Sakhvid, and Garizat. Its main cities are Nir and Taft, which is the pomegranate plantation as well as silkworm centers the province. Taft’s pomegranates are so fine that a large number of them are packed for other regions. Its peaches, too, are quite famous throughout Iran.

Most of the villages of Taft are located around Shirkouh Mountain, as if they have cordoned it. There are hundreds of Islamic and pre-Islamic sites, buildings and holy precincts and shrines in these villages, some of which had been populated even in pre-Islamic centuries.




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