Asia: Iran, Yazd Province

Historical Sites and Monuments

Meibod City

Numerous historical mosques
Numerous castles including Mehrjerd, Barjin, Roknabad and Badrabad
Robat caravanserai complex
Historical gravestones
Many holy Shrines
Water cellarage
Towers such as Kaboutar Khan, Mahmoud-abad, Abdol Wahab, Kazem Abad
Zoroastrian religious centers
Khanaqahs (traditional gathering place for Dervishes)
Ancient ruins
Remnants of fortifications round the ancient city
Narin Castle of Meibod:
Some historians have attributed the construction of the city to Prophet Solomon.
This building is believed to date back to the pre-Islamic era.
The old castle has a complete defensive system with basements, moat, protective parapet and watchtowers.




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