Asia: Iran, Yazd Province


Meibod City

This city is located 50 km northwest of Yazd on Tehran-Bandar Abbass Highway and South Tehran railroad bypasses it.

A large part of the land within the township is allocated to pomegranate agriculture, while the lands beyond the township limits are used for pistachio, grains, and cotton cultivation and summer crops plantations.

Meibod is among the few cities, which long ago began, using a cleverly designed drop irrigation system by making use of clay jars.

Historical Background
A legend has it that Meibod was established during the reign of Iranian mythological king, Kiyumars, and that the first human beings who arrived in Meibod, came via the sea. The city’s architectural texture, though considerably altered throughout the centuries, offers a rare example of ancient Iranian cities. There are still lots of historical relics and features of the historical past of the city including parts of ancient routes and buildings related to them (like the couriers’ horse-changing centers).
Kohan Dej and Sharestan are two of the fortifications built around Meibod in ancient times.

Yaqut Hamavi, the famous traveler of the 13th century, has described Meibod as “a city like fortified Castle”. Also, traces of the ancient city of Meibod and some of its buildings may still be visited today.




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