Asia: Iran, Yazd Province


Mehriz City

Mehriz is located 30 km south of Yazd and neighboring Taft and Bafq, Kerman and Fars provinces. Mehriz Township spreads on an area of over 15000 sq. km. This township is made up of two districts: Markazi (central) and Herat and Marvast. It also has three cities, namely, Herat, Marvast and Mehriz, and six rural districts. The township is a relatively flat region, to whose west are located Shirkouh mountain, Lakhseh and Bovanat mountains.

Among the sites to visit, one is definitely the “Qarbal Biz” fountainhead, which is really spectacular and provides a major part of the water needed to irrigate the agricultural lands of the region in spring. This fountain is near Madwar village.

This region is also replete decorative and dimensional stone such as travertine, marble, china, etc., and handicrafts like carpet weaving, knife making and shawl weaving are still quite popular in Mehriz.

Mehriz, which in old times was referred to as Mehrijerd, is the center of this township and the construction of Mehriz is attributed to Mehrnegar, daughter of the famous Sassanid king Anoushiravan.




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