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Zoroastrian Relics and Buildings

Yazd Province

The Zoroastrian religion is still embraced by the people of Yazd, who have inherited a rich and ancient culture, dating back to some 2500 years ago. Part of their heritage is numerous “Atashkadeh” (fire temple) and other religious sites. Yazd’s fire temple is now within a building that was constructed in Reza Shah period, about 1936.

It is said the fire has been kept burning since 1500 years ago. The following are among the important Zoroastrian places of pilgrimage in Yazd:

Peer Sabz, located on the slope of a mountain near Ardakan, is believed to date back to pre-Islamic years.

Darb Mehr, found in almost all Zoroastrian neighborhoods, had been a gathering place for Zoroastrian elderly men, who would consult and resolve people’s problems. Darb Mehrnoush and Darb Mehr Dastouran are among these public religious sites.

Peerangah, scattered in great numbers across the province, are also of religious significance. The more famous peerangahs are Sarv Cham, Peer Shah Varahram Izad (in Khorramshahr), Peer Mehr Izad (in Abshahi), Peer Narestaneh (near Dorbeed), Peer Banoo in Zarjou Village (Aqda) and Peer Naraki (south of Yazd).

Gahanbar Khaneh, a place for donations and alms, is usually endowed by the faithful for such purposes. Moubadan Gahanbar Khaneh in Dinyari School’s alley is one of the most famous.




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