Asia: Iran


Yazd Province

Watermills of Yazd, some of them very old, are a worthwhile site to visit. The most important part of these mills is their shaft, which is designed and built in the shape of an incomplete and upside-down cone in such a way that the water restored in it makes the millstone’s flaps rotate by passing through a small outlet.

The millstone is made up of two round and hard pieces of stone, one fixed and the other mobile. Wheat or barley is led towards the center of the stone through a small hole and is ground to flour. The greater part of the watermill is below the ground and what stands above the earth is rather small, compared to the underground part, and is made up of a few lighting vents and the entrance.

Sang Siah, Bideh, Baqistan, Amiri, Bafrouieh (in Meibod), Mazvar, Mehriz, Taft, Farashah and Ashkizar are among Yazd Province’s famous watermills.




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