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Yazd Province

Yazd’s mosques bear a tremendous significance in terms of historical, artistic and architectural features.

There are “neighborhood mosques”, which located at the center of each neighborhood, are modest and simple and yet rich from the design point of view. These small mosques are usually roofed with Taq & Tavizah and some of them have a precinct and an interior part, as well as a compound for nightly vigils during the cold season. But Congregational Mosque stands out among other grand mosques across the whole province, and has a great significance, because of the historical evolution of its architecture, design and decorations.

The mosque’s high-rise and unique façade, embossed tiles, its excellently handcrafted wooden door adorned with knots and inlays, its terrace with engraved Kufic calligraphy of divine names, double-shelled, minarets, embossed praying niche, Kufic and Thulth (a kind of calligraphy) epigraphs,... have placed this mosque among scarcely-found historic relics of the Islamic world.

Bafq, Tezerjan and Fahraj Jame mosques each rich with special architectural features, are also among the province’s famous grand mosques, Among which Congregational Mosque of Fahraj is the oldest Mosque in Iran, dating back to the 7th century AD.




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