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Luminaries of Yazd

Yazd Province

Yazd’s contribution to the development of Iranian culture has been considerable and the list of Yazd’s luminaries in the country’s history runs long.

Among them we can mention: Abolfazl Rashidoddin Meibodi, author of a famous exegesis of Quran (12th century AD), Sharafoddin Ali Yazdi, author of “Zafar-nameh” (died in 1441 AD), Qazi Kamaleddin Hossein Meibodi, author of “Jame Gitinama” in Philosophy (15th century AD), Amir Rokneddin Mohammad ebn Nezam Hosseini, the great thinker of the 13th century AD, Molla Abdollah Bahabadi, a reknown jurisprudent (16th century AD) and Farrokhi Yazdi, born in 1885, founder of the daily “Toofan” (Typhoon), and one of the most outspoken political activists and poets in Iranian contemporary history. 

Farrokhi’s struggles against the Pahlavi Dynasty’s oppressive measures and the tortures and imprisonments he had to bear are very famous. He was killed in prison in 1939.




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