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Yazd Province

There are three types of Caravanserais in Yazd province:

1) Tradesmen’s caravanserai, or, “Sara”: This is part of a bazaar and a commercial compound. Ali Aqa Shirazi’s and Sadat’s caravanserais are examples of this type.

2) In-city caravansarais: These resting areas were mainly used by dwellers from the townships around Yazd, as a residence in the quarters near bazaar, when they would visit the city. These caravanserais were named after the people of the visiting townships, such as Bafqian Caravanserai, Dehbalaian Caravanserai, etc.

3) Inter-city Caravanserais were caravan stop-over on roads. Khargoushi Caravanserai on the old Yazd-Isfahan road, Kharanq Caravanserai on Yazd-Khorasan road, and Dehshir Caravanserai on Yazd-Shiraz road, which can still be visited, are examples of this type. Zeinuddin Caravanserai, located on the present Yazd-Kerman road (60 km away from Yazd), was constructed simultaneously with Ganjali Khan complex in Kerman, which dates back to some 17th century AD.




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