Asia: Iran, Yazd Province

Historical Centers

Bafq City

-Holy shrine of Abdollah ebn Mousa ebn Jafar has a very beautiful and lofty mausoleum, with a large dome, whose tile works and decorations are spectacular. Construction of the mausoleum dates back to about 1200 years ago. Interior decorations, especially those under the dome, are the works of the famous Bafqian painter, Molla Hassan.

-Bafqs Mosque, She-Akhtar Mosque, Hajj Hossein Mosque, 14 Saints Mosque in Aban Shahr and Mobarakeh, and Imam Hossein and Fatemieh Mosques. It is interesting to know that there are 160 mosques in Bafq Township.

-Emamzadeh Hosseinieh (16th century)

-Hajj Said Hassan Mosque

Wahshi Bafqi, the great mystic-poet of 16th century was a native of Bafq, as his name implies.




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