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Asia: Iran, Yazd Province


Bafq City

This township, with Bafq as its center, is located 120 km to the southeast of Yazd and at an altitude of 960 m above the sea level. Bafq has a very hot and dry climate and in some areas, the temperature runs as high as 50 degrees C.

The township has two main cities: Bafq and Bahabad; six rural districts including Mobarakeh, Kushk, Sabz-dasht, in the central part, and Ahmadabad, Niestan and Asephieh, in Bahabad.

Bafqs highest point is Bonlokht standing 3002 m high, south of Bahabad, and Mount Bajegan, 2879 m, with some of the most eye-pleasing villages of the region, located on their slopes and in valleys.

Bafqs Mines
Bafq is pivotal to the countrys fast-developing mining industry, because of its very rich and multifarious mines. Many people in this region are involved, one-way or another, in mining industry. Bafqs major mines include: Iron ore mines of Choqart and Sehchahoun, lead and zinc mines in Kushk, Osfourdi phosphate mine, and Bishehdar Marmarite (a kind of decorative construction stone) mine.




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