Asia: Iran, Yazd Province

Historical Sites

Ashkizar City

Ashkizar and Rostaq’s Historical sites:

Firouz-abad’s old cedar tree
Ashkizar watermill
Hemmat-abad hostel and courier station
Maimouneh Khanaqah (Dervishes’ gathering place)
Ez-abad Castle and Congregational Mosque
Said Hassan’s Holy Shrine in Hajj-abad
Ashkizar’s Rajab-ali Congregational Mosque
Vazir Garden’s building in Hojat-abad
Rezvanshahr Castle
Hojat-abad Water Cellarage
Jafar-abad Fire Temple
Rezvanshahr’s Old Public Bath
Firouz-abad Castle
Hassan-abad Castle
Ashkizar Castle
The old city beyond Rezvanshahr’s Rig Mosque
Rezvanshahr’s Old Dispensary
Shirou Water Cellarage
Ashkizar’s Al-Reza Mosque
Sultan Bondarabad’s Palace




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