Asia: Iran, Yazd Province


Ardakan City

There are numerous Zoroastrian religious sites in Ardakan. Some of them dating back to many centuries ago, including:

-Shrines of Pir Shah Eshtad Izad, Pir Shah Tashtar Izad, Pir Shah Mehr Izad, Pir Shah Morad, Pir Shah Fereidoun. All of these (pirangahs) namely the Shrines of religious sages, are in Sharif-abad, a village close to Ardakan.

- Shrine of Pir Harisht, located 11 km from Ardakan.

- Shrine of Pir Sabz Chek Chek, located on Ardakan-Anjireh heights, in a distance of 50 km from Yazd. Zoroastrians from around the world gather in this Shrine from June 23-27, each year for pilgrimage and alms giving.

-Pars Banouís Shrine, in Zarjou valley, is a very revered religious site wherein Zoroastrians gather from across the country from July 10-15 each year for pilgrimage.




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