Asia: Iran, Yazd Province

Historical Relics and Buildings

Ardakan City

It is relayed that in the 13th century AD, Ardakan’s foundation was laid in Zardak area (whose ruins may still be visited in a place 10 km from the present-day Ardakan). The only building that has remained relatively intact to date is the dome of the old city’s mosque. The existing historical buildings found in the present location of the city mostly date back to three to six centuries ago.

Zardak Mosque, which has a niche with very beautiful plaster works, is believed to have been connected by a burrow to Kachip Mosque and there to Meibod’s Narin Castle. No trace of this underground tunnel is found today.

Ardakan monuments:
Congregational Mosque
Zirdeh Mosque
Kachip Mosque
New Bazaar
Mir Said Mohammad’s Shrine
Said Nouroddin’s Shrine
Mir Shamsulhaq’s Shrine
Dourah and Anbar Castle water cellarage
Molla Aref’s Gravestone




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