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Historical Sites

Abarkouh City

Historical Sites

Aali Dome is built atop a hill east of Mount Abarkouh. There are a number of epigraphs in Kufic on this dome which is believed to have been built over the grave of Amidudin Shamsoddoleh of Deilami kings.

Pir Hamzeh Sabzpoush’s Shrine
Hassan ebn Keikhosrow’s Shrine
Seidoun and Gol Sorkhi Domes
Hajj Kamel’s Mosque
Ahmad ebn Mousa ebn Jafar’s Holy Shrine
Minarets of NizamolMolk Abarkouhi Mosque
Congregational Mosque of Abarkouh
Piroun Mosque
Perishk or Pir Sebq’s Shrine
Pir Hossein’s Shrine
Ashrafoddoleh’s Mausoleum
Abbass ebn Ali ebn Hossein’s Holy Shrine
An Ice Cellarage belonging to Qajar Era
Ash Hills about which many legends have been relayed in history books and travel diaries.
Sara Khatoun’s Holy Shrine
Mount Soffah Buildings
Weathering Shafts (Badgir)

The city’s old quarters such as Darb Castle, Bonadan, Jarmdin, Safeh, Jahanistan, Miran Gate, Golkaran, Nezamieh, Tavous, Bazaar, Posht Asia and Khajah neighborhoods.




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